Centris Marketing Science

Centris is trusted by the industry's top communication and entertainment companies.

Our unique approach to data integration and specialized marketing analytics provides insight into consumer behavior in the voice, video, broadband and wireless markets
at local, national and international levels.

Centris’ portfolio of business intelligence solutions includes:

Custom Research

Centris' portfolio of business solutions includes List-Driven Target Marketing, Market Segmentation Models, Fiber Tracking, Market Share, CentrisSocial, Pricing Simulator and more. Centris research is customizable; let us design a program to meet your research needs.

National Model

Centris' National Model has scored every household in the U.S. according to their voice, video and broadband providers. It tracks changes in market share quarter over quarter and uses our proprietary data and publicly available data to formulate the best possible view of market shares for video, voice and data.

Evolution of Video

Our Evolution of Video Tracking Study examines consumer video consumption, which helps clients understand the impact new technologies and digital devices have on consumers and video content. Centris gathers data from 10,000 respondents each month via telephone and online panels.

Centris serves multiple industries with a sharp focus on helping clients understand their market share, business functions, consumer shifts and economic impacts.

Content Creators & Providers

We offer multiple products and services vital for content creators and providers, including the EOV Tracking Study and ABS-based surveys.

Distribution Channels

Centris provides a picture of consumer trends affecting Telcos, Broadband Fiber, Cable providers, Satellite providers and Wireless providers.

Device Manufacturers

Centris works with device manufacturers to provide competitive analyses and market trends related to the entertainment industry.

Financial Institutions

Our forecast models incorporate economic indices from multiple sources to build a realistic picture critical to a client's financial reporting.

Home Security & Automation

Centris is able to monitor both the current and potential impact on incumbent home automation and security providers.

Marketing & Ad Agencies

We work with marketing and ad agencies to provide competitive analyses and predictive models surrounding consumer trends.

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Headquartered in Suburban Philadelphia, Centris is a specialized analytics firm that provides ongoing survey programs and econometric modeling services to the communications and entertainment industries.

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Centris specializes in local market analysis of consumer behavior related to voice, video and data services.

We integrate our ongoing, projectable tracking survey with primary data from large national and local databases to build advanced models that support the marketing and research departments of the world’s leading communication and entertainment companies.

Centris performs traditional research studies for clients using random digit dialing (RDD), address-based sampling (ABS), Internet panels, or various hybrid approaches. In addition to survey results, Centris provides analytic support and complementary data that enhances research results.

Sample Design

Our address-based sampling (ABS) design addresses the coverage stemming from the growing number of unlisted or wireless-only households in the USA.

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National Tracking

2,000 interviews are conducted every month for this survey. Clients receive their data and an extensive demographic battery weighted to reflect U.S. households.

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Internet Panels

Centris provides an Internet panel solution for its clients which accesses a global online community reaching the highest quality respondents in the industry.

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Centris tracks and analyzes a host of local economic data series on a monthly and quarterly basis (e.g. building permits, household vacancies, payroll employment, and unemployment). These data can be tailored to Cable footprints and regions for the purposes of local market analysis and competitive benchmarking. Through its ongoing research Centris has also developednew measures of household vacancies and general economic activity (Economic Activity Index) for local analysis.


Centris’ quantitative and qualitative data for forecasting and planning provides the ability to enhance proactive market planning programs and identify drivers of change (economic, customer satisfaction, competition) at a local level. Our extensive forecasting system provides quarterly forecasts of all of the components of Market Share and our forecasts take into account the underlying economic landscape, the nature and intensity of competition and household growth.

Customizable for Your Needs

Let Centris customize a research plan that fits your needs and budget. Our extensive range of services makes it easy to get the data you need at a reasonable cost.

  • List-Driven Target Marketing
  • Market Share
  • Flow Share
  • Centris Social

  • Market Segmentation Models
  • Pricing Simulator
  • Fiber Tracking
  • National Model

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