ShareTracker has acquired the Centris Market Share & FlowShare Product
and its Team

  • ShareTracker, the largest U.S. market research company dedicated to telecom market share and FlowShare measurement products and analytics, announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire the market share and FlowShare portion of Centris Marketing Science.
  • ShareTracker has long supported the communications industry by delivering accurate FlowShare measurement, a technology-based approach for determining telecom market share and customer movement between competitors. The Centris acquisition grows ShareTracker’s portfolio of clients while further enhancing its ability to accurately measure market share and explain the dynamics of change.

SSRS has Gained the Centris
Media & Technology National Survey
and its Team

  • SSRS, the brand that has been refining research for more than 30 years, has acquired the Centris Media and Technology National Survey, and with it, the renowned Insights team.
  • Under SSRS, this expert Media and Technology Team will offer clients and prospects more depth and breadth in research and the expertise used to gather it. The Media and Technology Team will continue to serve client needs with the same cost efficiencies and delivery systems as in the past, but with additional support from leading social scientists, statisticians and a host of other professionals.