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Millennials are a large, diverse group who are unique among cohorts in that they have varying levels of independence from their parents.  As a result it is often difficult to make generalizations based on data that does not differentiate between  Millennials living at home and those who have left the nest.  Because Millennials who do not live with a parent are more likely to be involved in decisions about voice, video and data services used, this edition of Insights focuses on Millennial heads of household.  Further, heads of household aged 18 to 24 and 25 to 34 are analyzed separately to reveal any differences between more recently formed Millennial households and those that might be more well-established.

Across age groups, Millennials are increasingly subscribing to over-the-top streaming services.  This growth has been fueled primarily by Netflix although Amazon Prime subscribing among 25 to 34-year-olds also increased over the past year.  Despite these gains, younger Millennials remain more likely than older Millennials to have an OTT subscription.

  • Compared to Q4 2012, Millennials across age groups report increased OTT subscribing.
  • Among young Millennials, increased OTT subscribing is driven by Netflix while older Millennials are more likely to subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime compared to Q4 2012. 
  • Young Millennials are more likely than older Millennials to subscribe to OTT services in general and Netflix in particular.

18-24 Year Old OTT Subscritpions25-34 Year Old OTT Subscriptions

Compared to Q4 2012, young Millennials are more likely to reject having a landline in their home in Q4 2013.  As a result, they are now more likely to live in cell phone only households compared to their older counterparts.  Millennials across age groups continue to reject landline service at higher-than-average rates.

Cellphone Only Households

Centris’ Insights report is a program for delivering primary research to its key clients and subscribers. Insights reports profile and track consumer activity in the communications, entertainment, and technology areas. Data are derived from Centris’ daily survey program. The research is used by major clients in the voice, data, and video markets to understand, plan, and adapt their strategies to the changing technology landscape.  Examples of Insights users include:

  • Media providers that want to track consumer’s use of consumption technology. 
  • Cable, satellite, telcos, wireless and OEM companies that need industry data to track prices, product purchases and competitor action. 
  • The trade press who want to understand technology trends.
  • Government agencies and regulators who want to understand the dynamics of the voice, video and data market.


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